The Impromptu approach to life is to take advantage of opportunities, especially those “in-the-moment” decisions that can change your life forever in a positive way.

We celebrate the beauty and authenticity in each moment!

Our founder, Leyna Topete, is a business-savvy Latina with an eye for elegance. She dedicates Impromptu to making a positive difference in the world beyond beauty, by supporting the armed forces.

“My company is not only a fan of everything beauty, but also a major fan of the military. Raised by a single mother who proudly served 29 years in the Marine Corps, I feel compelled to show my deepest and sincerest gratitude for all the women who have served or are currently on active duty.”

— Leyna, Founder & CEO

Impromptu’s premiere line, The Lola Collection, utilizes a thoughtfully developed list of ingredients while also keeping in mind those with rare allergies.

It was inspired by Leyna’s mother Lola who developed an allergic reaction to her favorite cosmetic product: lipstick. It was devastating to Lola that she might not be able to wear lipstick again.

The Lola Collection is born out of love, dedicated to women like Lola, and all women who find inspiration in Impromptu and the "life unscripted" lifestyle.

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